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Personal Searches

Personal Local Authority Searches are the bedrock on which HW Conveyancing Searches are founded. With a combined total of over 30 years experience in the industry, we are sure that you will not find better expertise and knowledge, combined with unparalleled local knowledge.NB. As an extra benefit for your clients we now include additional PI insurance on Local Authority Searches to comply with the Search Code regulations.

Local Searches are a legal requirement of all Conveyancing transactions and include a whole host of information with regards the legal and planning aspects of the property being purchased. Anything from the FENSA certificate for the new double glazing to Tree Preservation Orders, compulsory purchase orders or planning histories indicating what may be allowed or not, are all revealed amongst many other issues.

Of course, personal searches are only a part of the story over recent years, as conveyancers are constantly being challenged to provide new products in even the most standard transaction. This is where our expansion over the last few years can help. We have researched personally with our clients as to what they want and have reacted accordingly. This means that we can truly provide everything to our clients in one place via one web site or one email order.

We cut no corners while carrying out Personal Searches. We pay the Local Authority, where required, for ALL the information necessary, thereby ensuring all the data is as accurate as possible, in order to produce a fully compliant search. The information is thorough, covers not just the property but its surroundings where planning policy is concerned, and is presented in a professional document. To order a personal search either on its own or with other searches, please login to our secure client area