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Cyber Crime & Other Services

HWC Searches is a completely independent company whose only loyalty is to you, our client.

In order to properly advise and cater to all conveyancers, we provide environmental reports and additional services from all of the major providers and the smaller ones too.

Below we have listed some of our main partners and their most popular products.

If you would like to see a sample of our excellent HW Regulated Local Searches or to see full list of the products we offer and our prices, please email us or call 02392 831 777 and a searches expert will be happy to help.

Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker offer intelligence and data, combined with information and knowledge that they have collected over many years, allowing them to identify market weaknesses and failures in the legal sector. They create solutions and opportunities using technology, products and services that solve these issues by educating and protecting Lawyers.

Account & Entity Screen
Account & Entity Screen provides you with enhanced risk management, in transmission of funds, by checking the account details of a solicitor you are sending funds to against our unique database. They check over 10 different conveyancing related databases to highlight any red flags commonly associated with fraudulent activity.

Thirdfort ID Checker
When checking a client’s ID, how do you know if they are real or fake? Thirdfort is an FCA regulated business that uses a mobile app to digitally confirm a client’s identity. In the age of social distancing, this could be a great asset to your office.
Click here for a video demonstration.


CLS provide legal indemnity and chancel for property professionals all at the touch of a button. An innovative online system smoothing your transactions, aiding HW clients in their due diligence, risk management and above all client care. CLS provide personal and unique expert advice and assistance from the highly qualified underwriters and customer service teams.

For further information on their products, including Chancel Check and their Legal Indemnity Insurance, please click here.

AML (Searches Group)

AML Search has been at the forefront of electronic AML Customer Due Diligence (CDD) for over 10 years. While regulations make it mandatory for firms to carry out Risk Assessments on their Clients as a part of their Client Due Diligence, they recognise that this is both a time consuming and expensive process that requires specialist training.

AML Search v4 automates Customer Due Diligence Risk Assessments to enable your users to simply and quickly enter Client data, include documentary evidence and carry out a Simplified or Enhanced Due Diligence Risk Assessment in a few minutes. Their automated Risk Assessments mean that you no longer have to manually risk assess your clients, dramatically reducing the time, risk and cost of demonstrating your compliance.

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Local Searches, Completions and Quote Systems

At HWC Searches, we produce our own excellent Regulated Local Searches, which we would love to share with you – please request a sample report from our senior search agent, Sara Sullivan.

We also offer other services to help streamline your day from an instant quotation system for your company website to a Completions Service via our ordering platform. Please call 02392 831 777 or email us for more information on these services.