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Sample Reports & Product Information

HWC Searches is a completely independent company whose only loyalty is to you, our client.

In order to properly advise and cater to all conveyancers, we provide environmental reports and additional services from all of the major providers and the smaller ones too.

Below we have listed some of our main partners and their most popular products along with product samples and information.

If you would like to see a sample of our excellent HW Regulated Local Searches or to see full list of the reports we offer and our prices, please email us or call 02392 831 777 and a searches expert will be happy to help.


Groundsure boast a full range of residential and commercial searches, so there is always something to suit your precise needs. Check out their Residential Product Matrix and Commercial Product Matrix to see what report would best suit you.

The following links provide samples of Groundsure’s more popular searches, but please contact us for any further details we can provide.

Seven searches, including planning, intelligently filtered to clarify risks and next steps.
Avista Product Card
Avista Sample Report – Action Required
Avista Sample Report – Pass

Screening is the ideal report for lower value less complex commercial property transactions and multi-site portfolios.
Screening Product Card
Screening Sample Report – Action Required
Screening Sample Report – Pass

Homebuyers reviews contaminated land, flood, ground stability and radon and screens other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning to provide a comprehensive checks for a residential property.
Homebuyers Product Card
Homebuyers Sample Report


Terrafirma is a leading provider of ground hazard risk assessment and geodata information to the property industry. Their team of geologists, engineers and data scientists translate complex ground hazards into clear, accurate, and reliable advice through their search reports, expert opinion and geodata.

Terrafirma Assure
The Terrafirma Assure is a property risk certificate designed to support due diligence and risk management in the property and legal sectors and acts as an assurance that the purchaser’s property is not affected by man-made or natural ground hazards. Generated instantly by TerraSearch, Terrafirma’s unique property risk platform, the Assure is provided when a location is identified to be outside of the ‘Affected Areas’. These ‘Affected Areas’ cover all known and potential mining and natural ground hazards, and are used to determine whether further risk assessment is required.
Terrafirma Assure Product Card
Terrafirma Assure Sample Report

Terrafirma Ground Report
The Terrafirma Ground Report is ground risks and liabilities report designed to enable property professionals to better identify, manage and resolve ground hazards. It identifies and interprets the risk to property from all man-made and natural ground hazards, providing your client with all the information about potential exposure of the property to ground risk.
Terrafirma Ground Report Product Card
Terrafirma Ground Sample Report

Terrafirma CON29M
Terrafirma was the first commercial organisation licensed by the Law Society as a report producer of the official CON29M. As an official alternative to The Coal Authority CON29M, the Terrafirma CON29M report provides expert interpreted answers to all 11 questions (14 for commercial properties) using Coal Authority licensed data and meets all the requirements as stipulated by the Law Society CON29M (2018) guidance.
Terrafirma CON29M Product Card
Terrafirma CON29M Sample Report


DevAssist offer property buyers bespoke reports that look to the future as well as the past and present. Their unique reports will expose if there is any potential threat – or opportunity – from development as well as identifying any existing planning applications that may affect the property.

Finding and buying the right home can be a lengthy and costly process. It’s crucial to be aware of any potential developments within the immediate area. The DevAssess report combines existing planning information with a comprehensive investigation that exposes unexploited development sites. It reveals relevant potential development activity to homebuyers and nuisance planning applications that could affect the homebuyers enjoyment of the property. Altered views and loss of privacy can significantly reduce the value of some properties.
DevAsses Sample Report

A DevCity report will provide a unique and enlightened view on development risks in urban locations for residential or commercial properties under 1 acre. It enhances due diligence and helps make informed decisions before contracts are exchanged.
DevCity Sample Report


Future Climate Info delivers professional insights and practical solutions to remove environmental risk from property transactions.For an easy-to-compare guide for their products, you can view FCI’s Interactive Catalogue.

FCI Premium
FCI Premium offers full professional risk assessments across all sections of the report and clear, succinct results, with ‘Next Steps’ highlighted on the front page of the report. it includes air quality, environmental, flood and ground stability risks, plus energy & infrastructure including wind farms, fracking and HS2.
FCI Premium Sample Report

FCI Retail
The only commercial report with a £100,000 Remediation Warranty for passed reports, providing the best protection and peace of mind for you and your clients. Designed for use classes A1 to A5 and C4, including HMO’s.
FCI Retail Sample Report


CLS provide legal indemnity and chancel for property professionals all at the touch of a button. An innovative online system smoothing your transactions, aiding HW clients in their due diligence, risk management and above all client care.

Chancel Check
Chancel repair liability is a medieval anomaly that granted Parish Churches powers to charge landowners for the upkeep of the chancel of the church. It is just as relevant to conveyancers today as when originally granted. Chancel Check is a unique, instant screening report designed to identify parishes where there is a continuing potential to charge for repairs to the parish church chancel.
Chancel Check Product Card
Chancel Check Sample Report

Environmental risks are intrinsic to every property and CLS has extensive expertise in dealing with these risks which primarily arise during the acquisition process but are also to be dealt with during ownership, development and day-to-day management.

The product options supplied by CLS are designed to protect the investor, their mortgagees and tenants from the possibility of financial loss with liabilities arising from significant harm to human health, property or the environment caused by historical contamination and environmental liabilities transferred by sale and purchase agreement.

For a summary guide of their Legal Indemnity Insurance, click here.


Landmark Legal are providers of environmental and other location-based risk information to the residential and commercial property sectors in England, Wales and Scotland.

Envirosearch Residential
Envirosearch Residential provides a comprehensive review of potential environmental risks affecting a property, including contaminated land, flood, ground stability, and radon. Also, includes other factors such as HS2, fracking, solar and wind farms; ensuring appropriate due diligence for every transaction.
Envirosearch Residential Product Card
Envirosearch Residential Sample Report

Sitecheck Assess
A comprehensive contaminated land risk assessment, designed to highlight any potential risk of contaminated land, as defined under Part 2A of the Environment Protection Act 1990. The report also includes a flood screen and identifies any energy & infrastructure projects (such as fracking & HS2).
Sitecheck Assess Product Card
Sitecheck Assess Sample Report