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A fantastic Conveyancing training experience for all!

We would all like to thank Andrea Waring, partner of “The Waring Partnership” for coming to see us and present a fantastic learning session for us all on her Conveyancing expertise  and how we fit into the whole process. It was a truly valuable exchange of knowledge and experience. IMG_0894

Afterwards, Andrea said “it was a pleasure to come and talk to everyone”.

MD Andrew Prismall was extremely pleased with the event and added “It was a truly brilliant day, great for us to know more about how we fit into a complex process and also a chance for us to show a valued client how our side of things works and for Andrea to put faces to names. It also shows the value of two local firms working closely together.”

As part of her talk, Andrea re iterated just how much she likes dealing with us and her dislike for national Conveyancing services of all kinds.

New Anti Money Laundering (AML) Regulations. Are you ready for 26th June?

Anti Money Laundering

AML: The European Money Laundering Directive (4th version) comes into force on 26th June 2017.


You can read all about the new regulations for AML searches by clicking here AML v4 EU4MLD Datasheet v1.2

To be fully compliant, simply get your ICO number to hand and select AML from your welcome screen.


Or click here: http://hwconveyancingsearches.co.uk/aml/


Chairmanship of national trade body

Friday 18th November 2016.

It is with extreme pride and pleasure that I can now announce that , yesterday, I was officially elected and appointed as Chairman-elect of IPSA, the national trade body for independent search companies.

This is a huge honour for me,and comes after 29 years service, firstly as Local Land Charges Manager at a City Council for 9, a searches manager for a national search company for a further 9 and then 2 years self employed before founding HantsWight (now HW) in 2007.

I would like to thank all the other search companies who, without any canvassing at all from me, voted unanimously for my appointment.

I see this is an achievement not just for me but also my company, as it reflects the high regard we are held in across the nation. If others perception of HW was not an excellent one, they would not have voted as they did and voiced their support so enthusiastically and with great kindness.

I am really looking forward to starting my new role of Chairman at the end of January 2017 and getting stuck in to the challenges ahead, while appreciating how this news will further enhance the already high profile of HW Conveyancing Searches. As a client you are now re assured even further that we are a nationally well respected firm and now have a seat at the very highest tables.

I thank you all for your support over the years and look forward to a fantastic and exciting future.

With great excitement and kindest regards,

Andrew Prismall
HW Conveyancing Searches

HM Land Registry update

Last week, I attended the National HM Land Registry Conference on their Local Land Charges project. As you all know, the Land Registry is embarking on the task of centralising all Local Land Charges registers into one central database. I would like to summarise the main points as follows:

  • The task – is to centralise a system which produces the transfers involved in 4 million transactions per annum. There are 24 million registered titles in England and Wales. Surprisingly, I thought, only 83% of land is registered.
  • The market – is generally 2% up post referendum , which has taken them a bit by surprise and they have suffered some under resourcing in some areas recently as a result.
  • Privatisation – Not imminent. Despite previous announcements, the privatisation was not included in the “National Infrastructure and Privatisation Bill”
  • The process – the task is to centralise the records of 326 Local Councils, a total of 26 MILLION registered charges. Of course, there is a variety of methods and modernisation across the country. Only 213 Councils have purely electronic registers, 11 are still paper only, while 100 have a hybrid mixture of the two. The migration of the date to HMLR is not an extra burden for the LA’s , it is a duty under the 1977 Act.
  • The process and timeline – Last year, the message was that London Councils would be the first to migrate, but this was decided not desirable as it would not give a true reflection of the scale and diversity of the process ahead. It is now intended to announce , by the end of 2016 a list of about 10% of the total, who will comprise “Phase One” of the process starting in 2017. Phase two will start in mid-2017. Once each authority has migrated their data, they can close their Land Charges office and all enquiries will go through HMLR. By 2023 the task will be complete.
  • Queries – I raised with the Program Manager the issue of where the source documents for each charge would be held, and, therefore, where any queries would be directed. I was assured that they would still be held by the District Councils under their duty as the originating authority for the charge. The problem will be that there will no longer be a Land Charges officer at that Council to direct our queries to, should they arise.


NEW REPORT – Mineral Extraction

We are now providing fully comprehensive mineral extraction reports from Terrafirma.

TerraSearch is a free check to see if the property may be affected. If the answer is NO, you may want a certificate of proof, TerraSearch Assure,  this is available for £10 plus VAT.

If the answer identifies a risk, you are advised to order a TerraSearch Assess which will assess all risks from the past, present and planned mining/mineral extraction in one report. This will cost £50 plus VAT. In one report, you are covering all potential issues and risks, including Coal, Limestone, Fireclay, Ironstone, Igneous Rock and potential defective mineral sites and /or outstanding mineral planning permissions.