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  • A night at the cricket! Our first social event for our clients this year.

    26th January 2021

  • We are recruiting !

    7th January 2021

    Following on from previous successes and an increase in our client base and workload, we actively looking to recruit another apprentice with a view to a permanent position. Please take a look: https://www.peta.co.uk/102/993/search-agent-and-administrator-apprentice-hw-conveyancing-searches    
  • New national lockdown – housing market stays open

    5th January 2021

    Further to the announcement of a new national lockdown on 4th January 2021, the housing market is permitted to still operate. We will, just as before remain fully open to help you. We will all be working form home, but using our cloud based systems, you will not notice any difference at all.
  • Happy 2021!

    4th January 2021

    We would like to wish all our wonderful clients a very happy New Year, and really look forward to meeting up with you all again at one of our sell-out seminars and our various social events. Those HW Conveyancing Searches wall-planners should be filling up nicely by now!
  • Merry Christmas! We are still open.

    21st December 2020

    While we wish all our fantastic clients a very Merry Christmas, a little reminder that we are open on all days except bank holidays. We are now in a tier four area, so the office is closed, but ourselves and the phones still work.
  • NEW provider for AML all in one.

    9th December 2020

    We had an excellent webinar this morning presented by Calum mills of SmartSearch on how to get all you AML checks in one place. Watch the video here: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/kraHU4IIiyKBtykxJ9YMdxu70-wgp0MbeEdfEYOTXxGHissCoZj-ngyrFQxaPEQ.9OvcS-m06DROYALP Passcode: Ecd2d+2+
  • Hackney Borough Council cyber attack!

    30th November 2020

    PCCB has become aware of an issue with Hackney Council regarding use of the data for local land charges searches.   Following a cyberattack on the Council’s systems, they are currently unable to process land searches. The cyber-attack has affected the land charges processing system and many other Council systems. Whilst they may be able to provide a ...
  • Another quality webinar from our friends at Lawyer Checker

    10th September 2020

    Thank you so much to Sheryl Hodgson for such an insightful and topical webinar on digital onboarding and speeding up transactions.
  • HWC Searches renew their Search Code accreditation

    23rd June 2020

    HWC Searches have undergone another successful yearly audit to retain their Search Code badge. It’s a logo we are very proud to bare – but how much do you know about what it means to you and the services we provide? Read here to find out how The Search Code guides our high standards. HWC Searches ...
  • OFFICE CLOSED – Business Open

    24th March 2020

    The HW Office is now closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are still very much working from home and we are there to help our amazing clients. Please email us for further information or assistance.