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    Digital Property Logbooks

    “Digital property logbooks – delivering new value through the conveyancing process and helping conveyancers build more effective, long-term relationships with their clients”

    Digital Property Logbooks

    A digital property logbook is a secure, online tool that your clients can use to manage their home in an increasingly digital world.

    At simplest, a logbook is a secure, organised way to hand over all the documentation created during the conveyancing process.

    More importantly you are preparing your clients to manage their home with all the digital devices, services and accounts that form part of the modern home.

    Best of all, giving your clients a digital logbook creates a platform for you to communicate with them through the lifecycle of owning a home.


    Chimni digital property logbooks are best-in-class digital services for your clients. Each client will receive a logbook co-branded with your company logos and with their searches already categorised and filed.

    You can choose to add any documentation you wish to the logbook before giving the client access.

    We have a standard logbook that is rich in functionality for your clients to explore. But Chimni also has specialist logbooks for NewBuild and BuyToLet properties.

    The Chimni team will also work with your marketing and client relationship teams to provide content for your website and external communications to support the launch and sales of digital property logbooks.

    To order Chimni logbooks for your clients please log in and go to our secure client area to find out more about the product email us at admin@hwcsearches.co.uk or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with the information you require.

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