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    HWC Searches and The Search Code

    The Search Code is a logo that is proudly displayed on Regulated Local Searches up and down the country, giving peace of mind to conveyancers for each and every case. And rightly so, as the oversight and regulations they provide have ensured that personal search industry has proved reliable enough to be accepted by all major lenders and most of the smaller ones too (find more information about this here).

    As we completed another successful audit for HW, it struck us that perhaps not many know what this Code really means and how it helps us to bring the current and correct data to you to help keep the housing market flowing with no nasty surprises or delays. We thought we would share with you the main points of focus for our Code:

     – Data Collection
    Each local authority – and the departments within – records, stores and distributes their LLC and CON29R data very differently. You cannot simply apply one methodology to every Council, anyone that does will be missing vital information from their reports. Our templates are carefully curated to show the exact extent of the data you can expect us to provide, ensuring our transparency and accountability.

     – Customer Care
    Making sure that customer feel confident and secure in their purchase is always important, conveyancing is no different. All Code-bearing companies must adherence to a strict complaints procedure, with every complaint reported to the governing body. It is a thorough and fair process, one that HW has not had to use in over 11 years of business!

     – Accountability
    On the occasion where there is an error made somewhere along the line, conveyancers can rest easy in the knowledge that all Code compliant search companies will be held accountable to their work. Unlike council-issued searches, any search bearing the Search Code logo must carry specialist search insurance for at least £2million. It is an important show of confidence in our work, which is why HW extends this cover to £5million per search.

     – Transparency
    The Search Code ensures that each company has clear guides for their customers- from price to selection to T&C’s, all basic business practices are checked for their integrity. The yearly audits that we undertake help us to update our practices based on current regulations so we can provide our best service to our customers.

    For more information on our Regulated Local Searches or The Search Code, please email Andrew Prismall  andrew@hantswight.do.uk or call 02392 831 777.