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    Environmental, Planning and Flood Reports

    HWC Searches is a completely independent company whose only loyalty is to you, our client.

    In order to properly advise and cater to all conveyancers, we provide environmental reports and additional services from all of the major providers and the smaller ones too.

    Below we have listed some of our main partners and their most popular products.

    If you would like to see a sample of our excellent HW Regulated Local Searches or to see full list of the reports we offer and our prices, please email us or call 02392 831 777 and a searches expert will be happy to help.


    Groundsure are a leading UK environmental search authority. They give expert information on risks including land contamination, flooding and ground stability. They provide high value, property-specific opinions, and analysis of land use based on the quality data that we collect and curate, turning data into practical, actionable insight.

    Groundsure provide comprehensive, easy-to-read environmental search reports. Their reports are built with the conveyancer in mind with colour coded risk ratings, pass/next steps indicators and fewer pages with clear information.

    For samples and information on their full range of reports, click here.


    Terrafirma is a leading provider of ground hazard risk assessment and geodata information to the property industry. Their team of geologists, engineers and data scientists translate complex ground hazards into clear, accurate, and reliable advice through their search reports, expert opinion and geodata.

    Terrafirma offers a comprehensive suite of conveyancing solutions to ensure that the client is fully equipped to make informed decisions. From historical mining, to the future of shale gas extraction and the impact of radon exposure, to the risks of natural ground movement, Terrafirma provides insight to data and the professional opinion required to inform and action where necessary, and provide professional advice for legal and property due diligence.

    For samples and information on their full range of reports, click here.


    DevAssist are the only company offering property buyers bespoke reports that look to the future as well as the past and present. Their unique reports will expose if there is any potential threat – or opportunity – from development as well as identifying any existing planning applications that may affect the property.

    By studying planning policy, SHLAA documents, planning data and more, they are able to advise on what is being planned or feasibly what could happen in a location. When a developer proposes land for development it will receive passionate and deep objection from locals – in almost every case the residents never saw it coming. That’s why we pre-advise where the risks are and how likely they are to be developed. DevAssist create clear, readable reports that deliver clarity and enable decision making, safe in the knowledge that the whole picture is understood.

    For information and samples on their full range of reports, click here.


    FCI produce a range of clear, comprehensive searches for residential and commercial conveyancing. Fully complying with the requirements with Law Society guidance on contaminated land and flooding, they scan for the exceptions, forensically examining whether the client’s property really is at risk without using tons of generic data.

    For information and samples on their full range of reports, click here.


    Landmark Legal are providers of environmental and other location-based risk information to the residential and commercial property sectors in England, Wales and Scotland. They support legal and conveyancing professionals in their property due diligence in line with the Law Society and SRA requirements, providing a wide range of property searches.

    They offer a comprehensive, flexible and continually evolving range of services and are able to support every type of property transaction.

    For information and samples on their full range of reports, click here.